SMITHSONIAN MAGAZINE My first Smithsonian assignment came in 1997: a story about search and rescue dogs. In 2000 I traveled to Siberia for the magazine to document a Khanty reindeer camp and in 2001 I went to Cuba to shoot vintage American cars. Other overseas assignments have included Iceland, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Budpest and Como, Italy. In this country my work for the magaine has included coverage of the Shadow Wolves tracking drug smugglers along the Mexican border, the Zuni of New Mexico, trout fishing in Montana and Hispanic Southwesterners with hidden Jewish ancestry.
PRESERVATION MAGAZINE In 1992 I photographed the first of three articles for the National Trust for Historic Preservation's in house publication. It concerned the Pueblo Indians' take on the preservation of vintage structures. In 1996 I traveled to Cuba to shoot a story about old Havana and preservation efforts taking place there. And two years later I visited the Panama Canal to document America's architectural legacy there.
WORLD MAGAZINE Over a span of more than a decade I photographed dozens of assignments for World Magazine, National Geographic's children's publication. Many of these stories covered sports in which kids participate: polocrosse, mountainboarding, ski jumping, luge, speedskating and landsailing, among others. I also photographed adventure travel destinations which are of interest to kids. Some of the more colorful locales include Sweden's Ice Hotel, Kanha National Park in India, Nepal's Mount Everest region and Utah's San Juan River.
ALICIA PATTERSON FOUNDATION Based on work I had previously shot of the Khanty people of northwestern Siberia, I was awarded an Alicia Patterson Fellowship in 1998. This generous grant allowed me to spend the following year photographing the subject in depth. As one of several reindeer herding peoples of Russia, the Khanty have long followed a subsistence-based life among the forests and waterways of the middle Ob River Basin. Unfortunately, this area is also home to one the largest oil fields in Russia. Beginning in 1997, I made a total of ten trips to the region, four of which for the Alicia Patterson Foundation. My most recent visit occurred in 2007 when I accompanied a Discovery Channel film crew.
GETTY CONSERVATION INSTITUTE In 2011 I was hired by the Getty Conservation Institute to document their work preserving antiquities around the world. The first two assignments included coverage of Roman mosaics in Tunisia and the Stone Course in Rome. These were followed by assignments in Malaysia, Peru, and Herculaneum, Italy. I have also photographed at the GCI laboratories at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California.
THE NATURE CONSERVANCY In 2005 I traveled to Brazil for The Nature Conservancy to document a variety of projects that they were undertaking there. Included among these was the Pantanal, the largest freshwater estuary in the world. In 2007 I returned to Brazil for the Conservancy and, later that year, I photographed for the organization in China's Yunnan Province and in the Bahamas. In 2009 I covered the transfer of wild bison from South Dakota to a ranch in the Janos Valley of northern Mexico.